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need ideas...

Hello all!

I will be getting married next year and wanted to get a head start on my attire. I'm looking for some vintage styled suits for myself and my groomsmen to wear for the wedding and I was wondering if anyone here had some links to some cool sites I could look at, or some places you could recomend. I live in the Minneapoli, MN area but 2 of the groomsmen are in San Diego, CA (both of our brothers actually) so something close to me that could also do online ordering would be nice.

Thanks in advance. 8)


Now this is what I'm talking about!! Check this out... (found here

The jacket I love! (the black and maroon) It may be the wrong color though :( I need to see how deep the red will be in Danielle's dress.
The shoes are hot! And the shirt is sweet (the jacket has a crown and there are diamonds on the shoes. I need to see about the color though. End it off with some black Dickies pants and we're all set!

Maybe I can get some of my designer friends to help out if the colors aren't right? *wink, wink* ;)
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