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A couple pictures [16 Dec 2008|11:02am]

Here are a couple pictures of my dad, circa 1960 - 1962 that this community may appreciate.

Road tripping on Route 66 with his first wife, brother, and sister-in-law:

Looking like a gangster in his fedora:
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leather greaser jacket [06 Feb 2008|04:50am]


im selling a leather bikers  jacket i bought but was 2 big 4 me and i took the tags off by mistake its never been worn its a size 44 im selling it cheap 
check it out 


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Winter Issue of Kitschykoo! Magazine [03 Feb 2008|01:19pm]


The Winter issue of Kitschykoo! Magazine is now available!!! The amazing Matt Luckhurst on the cover, with articles on roller derby, lowrider bikes, collage artists and more!!! The best issue yet!

It is available for purchase through paypal for $6.50USD. You can send payment to designbs@telus.net and I'll get your shiny new copy sent off to you asap!!!

Thanks ladies and gents!


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Vintage Men! [01 Nov 2007|09:59pm]

Calling all vintage lovin' men (& women!!)!!! The community I started and maintain is in a dry spell!
We've got plenty of members but not so many active posters! Please, join and share your vintage men experiences, family photos, hair advice, shaving advice, articles that relate to vintage men's living, etc.! It's a fun community and anyone can join, there are no gender restrictions on membership.
So, if you're interested in the vintage men's lifestyle at all, please have a look-see at the community, join, and start postin'! Click the banner to head over that way! Thanks!
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hey guys and gals [26 Oct 2007|12:28pm]

This place is full of vintage men and gals.. If you're into rockabilly, 1950's, ec.. you should check it out.

Rockabilly Rules!
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Gillette Fat Boy [23 Oct 2007|07:49pm]

I was wondering how you gents care for your safety razors.  I got my hubby a vintage Gillette Fat Boy adjustable safety razor and wanted to take great care of it.
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50's sock hop... [30 Aug 2007|04:25am]

Video of a Japanese 50's Dance Club,.. gathering/show where they are showing off their movies for a crowd...

Who would'a thunk modern Japanese kids my age are so interested in 1950s Americana!

Some skyscraping pomps, too. Wow!

Lets kick it, daddy-o!
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Vintage Men! [20 Jul 2007|11:01am]

Hey folks! I just thought I'd post a little ad for this community I've started.
Vintage Men is a community for the appreciation/love/obsession with men's vintage lifestyles (pertaining from the 1900's-early 1960's). This includes clothes, hair, leisure activities, cars, movies, music, dancing, etc... we love seeing old family photos, tutorials, admiration posts, the whole deal! Come on over!
It's been around for a little over a month... we're still needing people! I'd love to get some pretty regular posters over there so it stays active... right now we're a little slow. We'd love to have you! It's open to both men and women, so feel free to join. Hope to see you there!


- Tyler Evans
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You can get your copy of the Summer Issue of Kitschykoo! Subcultural Lifestyle Magazine!
This issue is all about summer, love, and what you're rollin in!!! Hot rods, tiki parties, and amazing lowbrow artists!

$6.50SUSD Paypal only! Comment if you are interested!

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help, [10 Jun 2007|10:07pm]

my brother is just getting into rockabilly/pyschobilly culture & he just got his haircut. his intent was to get a psychohawk like kim nekroman. the cut turned out great [he got it done at the ink & iron festival] but he has never learned how to style his hair so he can't recreate what the barber did for him. sorry for the long story & here's the big question: how do you style a psychohawk?

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Vintage men community! [05 Jun 2007|07:33pm]

Hi folks!
I just thought I'd do a bit of cross promotion for the community I just started today.
It's for men and women into the men's styles of the 1900's to 1959, what I view to be vintage fashions. This includes hair, clothes, and other basic lifestyle related things.

Please, feel free to join and tell your friends, if you like the community/the idea of it, help promote it! Thanks a lot!
- Tyler
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need ideas... [24 Jan 2007|08:09pm]
Hello all!

I will be getting married next year and wanted to get a head start on my attire. I'm looking for some vintage styled suits for myself and my groomsmen to wear for the wedding and I was wondering if anyone here had some links to some cool sites I could look at, or some places you could recomend. I live in the Minneapoli, MN area but 2 of the groomsmen are in San Diego, CA (both of our brothers actually) so something close to me that could also do online ordering would be nice.

Thanks in advance. 8)


Now this is what I'm talking about!! Check this out... (found here

The jacket I love! (the black and maroon) It may be the wrong color though :( I need to see how deep the red will be in Danielle's dress.
The shoes are hot! And the shirt is sweet (the jacket has a crown and there are diamonds on the shoes. I need to see about the color though. End it off with some black Dickies pants and we're all set!

Maybe I can get some of my designer friends to help out if the colors aren't right? *wink, wink* ;)
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Vintage Clothing Sale [30 Nov 2006|01:49pm]

Hey Kids. Selling the last of my vintage clothing. Mostly in great shape. Ending in a couple hours. CLICK THE BANNER BELOW OR ONE OF THE CORNY PICS!

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[02 Oct 2006|07:49pm]

i find that most hair dyes that you have to bleach your hair for fade quickly. does anybody know of a good brand to dye hair anywhere close to fire engine red. my roommate wants to know. his hair is brown naturally
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[02 Oct 2006|07:45am]

[ mood | thankful ]

Hey greasy guys (and guy-pals or gal-pals of greasy guys)!

I've been sporting my hair in a big, slicked up pomp for over a year now - and one of the things I've noticed is that my pillowcases (or the pillowcases of wherever I stayed that night, ifyaknowwhati'msayin') get a little, well, funky.

Simply washing doesn't get a lot of the petroleum-based pomades out, so I've been on the search for a shampoo that helps get the grease out, but doesn't totally trash your hair in the meantime.

I picked up a bottle of this stuff a few nights ago, and let me tell you - whoa! Two washes, and all traces of grease are nearly GONE.

Just a li'l tip for those of us who actually smear stuff out of a tin can in our hair on a nearly daily basis!


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da new guy [19 Aug 2006|10:05pm]

hello to everyone, i just joined this community, my names Manny, feel free to add me if you want and can anyone tell me what the hell to use on super stubborn hair cus murray's doesnt seem to work at all
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[03 Aug 2006|11:20am]

My friend, Kamil, had this photo taken recently. Its not his normal hair style, but I thought I'd share (if there's anyone to even share with).

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Anarchy Creepers [27 Apr 2006|11:18am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Sooo, I'm usually all like "erh, things that aren't old but are meant to look it are crap" but I was walking around Civic, and something in the window of Redpaths caught my eye.

A shiny pair of 'Anarchy' (HARDCOREZZZZ!) Creepers.
So I bought them.
And now I wear them.

They're much more comfortable then the pair of Destroyers I had earlier.  Those were tightened by a single buckle on top, whereas I now have the control that laces allow!
It's a beautiful thing boys, not to mention the extra height and overall slimming of my legs.  I am in post-cool-shoes-buying bliss.

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GUYS! WAKE UP! [11 Apr 2006|11:17pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Does anyone in this community still exist?!

I do! What's everyone up to lately with their hair?
Same pomades? Same methods? Any new finds you want to share....?

I'm still using Murray's up top and Black and White on the sides...
That's all for now. I really wish this community were more active.

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[11 Mar 2006|12:30am]

A while back I managed to acheive Pompadour Status.

It felt good.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by TinyPic
its better on deviantart.


Image hosting by Photobucket
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